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Why do we need a massage?

All of us occasionally use the services of the hairdressers, attorneys, doctors, dentists, car repair workshops, or visit every now and then our favorite restaurant or café.

It is about time that for the modern

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  Royal Erotic Massage on a bed by a two naked masseurs or VIP Massge on a bed by one naked massage therapist
To meet all the requirements and demands of our clients we excel every day and improve and consistently improve our massage techniques. In our work as masseurs offering erotic massage at home or in your hotel room, we noticed that there is considerable demand for massages performed on a bed.
For the massages that we do on address we use portable massage couches that ensure comfort both for the client and the masseur. In the process, however, we realized how nice and desired the massage on bed is. The patient relaxes better in the comfort of his own bed and the pleasant smell of the excited masseur a few inches of him further stimulates the sexual energy center responsible for numerous healing processes in the body. The slight touch of the masseur’s penis or its subsequent erection is especially valuable for the further promotion of and overproduction of sperm in the patient.
This massage cannot be found elsewhere and is not offered to everyone, since the border between sex and massage is very thin and self-control both from the massage therapist and the patient is required. To book such a massage you must first convince us that you actually need it, and that you can keep your cool and control.
Because of its specifics, this procedure is considerably more difficult to implement for the masseurs, it is more tiring and requires more experience, training and self-control. Therefore, its price is more expensive than the standard erotic massage.
Details: the massage therapist arrives in your home or hotel room, bringing with him only massage oil and his good spirit. Place on the bed a sheet or towel to protect the covers from stains with massage oil (though it washes away anyway). Undress yourself, put a little towel on your ass, lie down on your face first, and follow the instructions of the masseur. The masseur will also get naked and start the massage with gentle groping to meet your body. The massage comprises of stimulation of the prostate (if desired), massaging the limbs, back, waist, neck, and then turn the front of the body. Special attention is given to the area between the base of the penis and anus, testicles, chest and lower abdomen. The massage ends with a special penis massage with hands in which the patient is released from the tension accumulated in the form of hot cum. The effect is stunning and the patient needs to lie down for about 4-5 minutes after the procedure to calm your heart rate and avoid being dizzy.
The price of this massage performed by one massage therapist is 150 BGN(VIP Massage) and by two masseurs - 250 BGN(Royal massage). Its duration is about 50-60 minutes.

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