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What is the fetish massage and how is it performed?

In general terms, this is a therapy which is aimed at mobilizing the sexual energy of the patient for the purpose of improving a wide range of health issues. It is widely known that health problems, small or big, are usually a result of emotional distress, lack of a satisfactory sexual life, lack of confidence and as a result – apathy and even reduced capabilities of the immune system. Our bodies, our spirit and our emotions are one whole thing and more often than not physical aches can be attributed to unbalanced emotional health and lack of general satisfaction from life. The fetish massage strives to offer a combined approach comprising of the right type of massage and techniques that stimulate the sexual energy. A full relaxation is achieved as the massage is performed in a warm environment under the sounds of a relaxing and non-distracting music. The effect of relaxation is enhanced by slow stroking movements of the masseur who follows the curves of your body under the music rhythm, alternating with squeezing techniques and deep presses to achieve relaxation of chronically tense areas. For this massage to be effective, it is a must that the masseur or masseuse to have a good and attractive appearance with good sporting bodies and cute faces. This predisposes the patients and provokes their sexual arousal, which is basically what the fetish massage is all about. The sexual energy is a powerful accelerator of important biochemical processes in the human body and their mobilization in a special way, and its release directly affects with a powerful force the general psychophysical and emotional state of the patient. The self-confidence and general satisfaction from life in general are improved. The patient feels calmer, while turbulent hormonal process in the body start to erupt, having revitalizing and recovering effects. 

Throughout this text we refer to the fetish massage as if it were a sort of a an erotic massage, however this is not exactly the case as this therapy has a secret ingredient – the fetish itself.

It is not enough for the masseur or masseuse to be athletic and beautiful, to be cute or even naked. The fetish massage offers another level of excitement -- it unlocks even the most anxious and closed people and makes them feel at peace and free from their insecurities and limitations. 

But what does fetish mean and why its influence is so powerful and liberating? In short, the meaning of the word fetish is an inanimate object that causes sexual arousal. For each person it would be different. Indeed, there are many ‘weird’ fetish objects, but generally speaking the most common ones are related to clothing - uniforms, jeans, tracksuits and sportswear, wedges and of course underwear. It must be mentioned that this definition is already outdated because in addition to objects, the fetish nowadays can be a form of behavior. An example of this would be role-play games like 'mistress-slave "or" master-slave "and the like, which in many people cause a rampage just thinking about it.

But what does all of the above have to do with the massage?

The fetish helps the masseur or masseuse to excite the sexual energy of the patient easier. This approach is particularly valuable for patients with serious sexual dysfunction and erection issues. For the fetish massage this is achieved with appropriately clothed masseur, which is known in advance that would cause excitement in the patient. Most often it comes down to underwear. The masseur can wear only a thong or bandage / jocks. The masseur may be in briefs, wide or tight boxer briefs. He may also be wearing an old pair of underwear, which can even be torn during the massage, with white cotton briefs being particularly suitable for this purpose. Moreover, the masseur can wear only a T-shirt or tank top and wear nothing below. The options are many. It is important to further encourage the patient to be able to release the tension.

Naturally, this type of massage is considerably more expensive than standard massage treatments. But if executed with the necessary competence and skills, the effect is guaranteed.

You can book fetish massage only by email 1-2 days previously. Price from 170 BGN


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