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Why do we need a massage?

All of us occasionally use the services of the hairdressers, attorneys, doctors, dentists, car repair workshops, or visit every now and then our favorite restaurant or café.

It is about time that for the modern

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The influence of massage on the lymphatic system


The lymphatic system is one of two vascular systems in the body, together with the circulatory system. Well functioning lymphatic system provides the immune system and removes waste products of metabolism, transports nutrients (mainly fats).

Water and constituents of blood plasma passes through the capillary walls are covered in microscopic spaces between cells and tissue fluid form, which turns into lymph. In transit and in lymph nodes and other lymphatic organs, it is enriched with lymphocytes and acquires various functions of tissue fluid. In some places the lymph vessels are interrupted by lymph nodes and limfotsitoobrazuvashti with protective functions. These lymph is purified from bacteria and cancer cells, preventing their entry into the bloodstream.

Fatigue and pain in the extremities issue activated lymph nodes. Lymph nodes first respond to inflammation, autoimmune or malignancy alter its structure and increase in size. The first signs of activated lymph nodes are fatigue, pain in extremities, loss of vitality. Should flow, manifested first in the nodes along the major lymphatic pathways in the armpits and groin. The most commonly affected are people with low immunity or chronic disease.

Lymph transport pathways have an important function for building lessons and active substances from food. In the circulatory and lymphatic system they head to the inside of the body. When lymph congestion, which may be due to reduced physical activity in many modern professions, lymphatic massage is applied. Lymph drained roads, select the accumulated fluids and slag, reducing cellulite formations are normal microcirculation and metabolism. So to prevent obesity, hypertension, inflammation, allergies, hormonal disorders.

Rate of lymphatic drainage of ten procedures allows to significantly alleviate the venous and lymphatic failure to remove drainages and wilting of the skin in any part of the face and tyaloto.Za maximize the impact of removal of toxins from the body during procedures, and then it is necessary to drink enough water. Is achieved by uniform distribution of fluid in tissues by converting the contours of the body and landed problem areas of the drainages.

Various herbs have been proven to improve lymphatic flow and cleansing the body of accumulated toxins and slags. Color of the marigold, meadow clover, echinacea, hibiscus have a cathartic effect, reduce the drainages in the lymph nodes and spleen, stimulate the immune system.

He can be reached by manual massage. After a training everyone is able to make himself as cosmetic and therapeutic lymph drainage. For cosmetic lymphatic massage is characterized by light, rhythmic and flowing strokes and taps, which helps to relax the whole body and enhances the effect of care for face and body. To reinforce the effects of massage are used special masks or oils. In people with impaired lymphatic circulation system and self-efforts lead to good results.

More aggressive is the method by presoterapiya and vacuum therapy conducted by a specialist. Thanks ticity of subcutaneous fat, the effect is achieved not only at the expense of the impact of lymphatic and venous vessels, but also by moving fluids in intercellular spaces. Combining periods of locally increasing and decreasing pressure, improves the tone of the lymph vessels, increases the rate of metabolism and activates the blood supply to tissues. There are hardware and methods to achieve the lymphatic drainage through the excitation of nerve and muscle tissues with mikrotokovata therapy.

After conducting lymphatic drainage when excess fluid is removed, a dense formations of fat and connective tissue clusters remain, sometimes more clearly show subcutaneous cellulite micro and macro nodes. To remove them apply various methods to activate the breakdown of fats, such as properly selected diet, insufficient physical activity, fitness and SPA - procedures

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