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Why do we need a massage?

All of us occasionally use the services of the hairdressers, attorneys, doctors, dentists, car repair workshops, or visit every now and then our favorite restaurant or café.

It is about time that for the modern

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VIP Massage Studio in Sofia - We are a team of young male masseurs who graduated from the National Sports Academy. With solid experience in massage therapies, we are always positive in our approach towards our clients.

Massage oils


Massage oils are high-quality, 100% pure products, extracted by cold pressing of seeds, nuts and fruits. In order for the nutrients and vital energy of the oils to be preserved, no solvents or heat is used, with exception to the oils made from rose hip and grapes. They are a rich source of microelements, vitamins A, E, D and unsaturated fatty acids. They have strong anti-inflammatory, regenerative and antioxidant effects. Base oils are widely used in aromatherapy. They can also be used independently to care for the skin by providing highly concentrated nutritional substances to the skin. The combination of base oils and essential oils produces wonderful products which are used in aroma-therapy massages. They are produced from special formulas and may contain almonds, wheat germs, avocado, jojoba, etc.  These mixtures do not contain any artificial ingredients. They can be applied to different problems and illnesses – cold, headaches, difficulties in breathing, insomnia, fatigue, soreness and pain in the joints. The majority of these combinations help relieve stress and lighten a patient’s mood.

All these combinations have favourable influence over the skin. They are especially effective when applied to ageing and problem skin. They help restore the metabolism in the skin, maintain the elasticity and fresh look and at the same time slow down the process of ageing by providing the skin with vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids and by moisturising it. Massage oils can be used on a daily basis to remove make up or as a basis of various healing and cosmetic masks.

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