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Why do we need a massage?

All of us occasionally use the services of the hairdressers, attorneys, doctors, dentists, car repair workshops, or visit every now and then our favorite restaurant or café.

It is about time that for the modern

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VIP Massage Studio in Sofia - We are a team of young male masseurs who graduated from the National Sports Academy. With solid experience in massage therapies, we are always positive in our approach towards our clients.

Thai massage


Southeast Asia, Kindgdom of Thailand, previously known as Siam. On the main boulevard of the capital Bangkok Sukhumvit Roadd, in one of the most popular massage studios, an elder Thai woman benting on top of a fleshy German gentleman skillfully applies simple techniques of old Thai Massage. The Thai Massage has proved itself as one of the symbols of the country and all tourists coming to Thailand give a try of th ancient massage techniques of this nation.

The Thai massage dating back to some 2 500 years in time is known for its therapeutic benefits to the human body. The philosophy of this massage lays upon the belief of the existence of 72 000 energy channels of the human body, and the Thai massage predominantly aims to work on the 10 main channels known as SEN SIB. Most commonly, this type of massage service is provided on a matress or on a floor cover, but it can also be executed on a massage table. The applied massage techniques range from rubbing and pressuring with palms, thumbs, elbows, knees, feet to a a variety of stretching techniques, also common in the manual therapy or Saionji Massage.

Upon visiting Thailand, you will be offered a number of varieties of Thai Massage, including erotic massage or even Thai Massage with the so called happy ending. In an attemt to satisfy the demands of tourists coming from Western countries, the industry has adapted the old massage techniques and as a result the specifics of a given massage can vary significantly from place to place and from masseur to masseur.

In Bulgaria, the Thai Massage is offered predominantly in the capital Sofia where it has become the latest hit. Unfortunately, the Thai Massage offered in Sofia deviates from the classical Thai doctrine which has a number of health benefits especially for the musculoskeletalsystem of the human body.

However, one can opt for the Yumeiho Therapy, which borrows many of the Thai Massage techniques, and there are a number of Yumeiho professionals in Sofia which have learnt their skills from the founder of Yumeiho Mr. Masayuki Otsuki, also known as Sayondzhi.

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