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Why do we need a massage?

All of us occasionally use the services of the hairdressers, attorneys, doctors, dentists, car repair workshops, or visit every now and then our favorite restaurant or café.

It is about time that for the modern

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VIP Massage Studio in Sofia - We are a team of young male masseurs who graduated from the National Sports Academy. With solid experience in massage therapies, we are always positive in our approach towards our clients.



The acupressure is a technique which allows us to improve our health and to overcome chronic pain. The method is also known as Chinese therapeutic massage and it is, as its name suggests, closely related to the acupuncture. Whereas the acupuncture uses needles to achieve its results, the acupressure utilities the healing power of hands to stimulate the vitality of the patients. The acupressure is a gentle technique which gains more and more popularity. It can be applied both for self-healing and as a therapy applied by another person. On one hand, the acupressure does not need any supporting tools or extensive periods of time in order to be performed and on the other – it provides the opportunity to explore the vital energy, called by the Chinese Chi (Tzi). 


The acupressure is limited to the stimulation of specific skin points by applying pressing with a finger, but that pressure has a large impact. So far, Western medicine has failed to demonstrate why acupressure works. In any case, science can’t dispute the fact that this method and acupuncture has many positive effects on health and the good physical and mental condition of people. Incidentally Western researchers suggest that acupressure causes the release of large amounts of endorphins. These hormones act as morphine and soothe pain by blocking the transmission of information about the pain to the brain. The researchers also found that the electrical resistance of the skin in certain acupressure points is much larger, which confirms the existence of meridians – scientists will inevitably come to ‘measure’ them. The results which have been yielded so far is still not convincing enough to give a clear anatomical definition of the meridians. Modern science has an interesting dilemma at its hand - on one hand, the success of Chinese medicine cannot be ignored - pain suddenly disappearing, allergies cured, the digestive and circulatory systems suddenly improving, insomnia and anxiety cured, rheumatic pain and chronic diseases relieved. On the other hand, the principles underlying Chinese medicine cannot be clearly defined. Apparently, it is not always possible for knowledge acquired over thousands of years through the efforts of observations and experiences of generations to be translated into scientific terms. But despite the lack of scientific explanations, traditional Chinese medicine has developed worldwide as one of the most effective forms of therapy

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